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Emblematic or symbolic features of the Alliance for Rural Democracy (ARD)

Every organization has certain features that emblematically represents and/or identifies it. The ARD is identifiable by the below emblematic elements:

ARD Colors

Gold and Green. The gold represents minerals and empowerment while the green represents hope, sustainability and prosperity.

ARD Logo

A rising sun behind the letters “ARD”

ARD Motto

“Driving the change we need”

Objectives of ARD

The ARD has several objectives. Four of the core objectives include the following:

  • Campaigning for greater public participation in the decisions that affect the management and control of Liberia’s natural resources and its economy as mandated by Article 7 of the Liberian Constitution.
  • Monitoring and assessing the compliance levels of Government and other stakeholders on established human rights standards and/or in relations to economic, social and cultural rights in Liberia.
  • Networking, sharing and documenting work, activities or programs initiated by member organizations in their respective communities in relations to economic, social and cultural rights.
  • Ensuring that corporations act as good corporate citizens with regard to human rights, social responsibility and environmental sustainability.