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Historical timeline of the Bi-Annual Meetings of the ARD

DateIssue of Importance
August 2009A broad-based consultative meeting by Green Advocates among community members, pro-poor institutions and other grassroots institutions on the need to enhance ESCR in Liberia.

Key outcomes: The meeting agreed to form a network on ESCR in Liberia, Working Groups to produce draft MOU and the meeting agreed to consult among various constituencies as a way of making final decisions.
February 18, 2010First Bi-Annual Meeting was held in Monrovia which produced the following outcomes:
—the name of Network is voted upon as ARD;
—the MOU (with objectives and leadership) was approved and signed by members;
—Green Advocates International accepted the nomination to serve as secretariat;
—a seven-member Steering Committee agreed to a two-year term;
—the decision to take Bi-Annual Meetings to rural areas was confirmed;
—the decision to draft and adopt a constitution was agreed;
—the Secretariat is mandated to draft constitution for adoption at next Bi-Annual Meeting.
November 2010The Alliance met in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, for the 2nd Bi-Annual Meeting, producing the following outcomes:
The Alliance Constitution was adopted by the Plenary;
—as a response to the “Level of Poverty Amount Community Members in Grand Gedeh Amidst Huge Wealth…,” a resolution was issued.
May 25-26, 2011The alliance met in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County for the 3rd Bi-Annual Meeting of the Alliance.
September 2012The Alliance met in Kon Town, Grand Cape Mount County for the 4th Bi-Annual Meeting.
December 13-15, 2013The Alliance met in Gbapa, Nimba County, for the 5th Bi-Annual Meeting.
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