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Member Benefits

Benefits for members of the ARD

There are multiple benefits that organizations that are members of and/or that will join the Alliance for Rural Democracy (ARD) have benefited and/or stand to reap. These benefits are broadly covered in the By-laws & Constitution of the ARD. On a more specific level, and in line with the motto and objectives of the ARD, some of the benefits for members of the ARD include the following:

  • Awareness raising and education
  • Capacity building support including training
  • Peer (or peer-to-peer) learning, for example, through experience sharing
  • Support and solidary actions for members (e.g. human rights defenders (HRDs)) suffering harassment, intimidation, arrest, torture and detention while exercising their economic, social and cultural rights
  • Supporting members in making use of appropriate grievance mechanisms including international grievance mechanisms
  • Organizational development support (e.g. financial, logistical, and technical to formalize and carry on organizational operations)
  • Participation in national and international forums (e.g. meetings, workshops, dialogues, training etc.) for information sharing, lessons learning, exposure, networking and capacity strengthening
  • Collective advocacy to promote and defend the economic, social, and cultural rights of members, their communities, and constituencies
  • Legal aid support