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Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference (TORs) for the Chairman of the Alliance for rural Democracy (ARD)

  • With the Secretariat, reading the report at the last Bi-Annual Meeting and then highlighting next steps including overall status of implementation
  • Identifying strategies to finalize outstanding activities including naming dates, resources and persons as may be required for implementation
  • Liaising with Secretariat and host of next Bi-Annual Meeting in brainstorming¬†and concluding venue of next Bi-Annual Meeting
  • With the Secretariat, determining the overall budget for the next Bi-Annual event including lodging, feeding; transportation (including analysis of the best means of transport); logistics; media strategy (to be done with Media Associate at Green Advocates)
  • Deciding sites to see including analysis of best time to do visitation
  • With the Secretariat, follow development of the updates per community program: set deadline and direction including contents of each updates
  • With the Secretariat, regularize phone calls with the partners including a data base or log on calls made and calls not made
  • Informing and getting the approval of the rest of the Steering Committee members on activities leading to the next Bi-Annual event
  • Preparing a short-list of community members ready or not ready to attend Bi-Annual Meeting
  • Developing a Work Plan with deliverables on what to do or prioritize each day; and
  • Note-taking and updates on progress on all these counts and sharing these notes after every two-days with the Secretariat.